About us

Michigan Wildflower is a variety of holistic crafts and art we make at our small organic homestead farm in Vicksburg, Michigan.  We try our best to practice sustainable, and regenerative methods of farming to protect our earth, and help heal our native soil!  That being said, we try to source as many ingredients in our products right here on the farm.  All other ingredients are sources from companies that support the same cause and purpose as we do. Organic products are not only better for you, but better for the earth and humanity.  Every organic product purchase is a vote and empowers other organic farmers somewhere in the world. The ingredients we choose to use are always organic and pure.   And when possible, locally sourced.  For instance, our foraged medicinal line is infused with botanical herbs foraged or grown right here on our farm.  As our botanical gardens grow so will the foraged medicinal line!  

Our farm is family owned and operated.  We offer a large variety of products that is forever changing with whatever we are into growing and crafting at different times of the year.  Some of the products we offer… our CBD product line (of course), fresh produce, eggs, dried herbs, other herbal holistic products like teas, tree resins, seeds, and the list goes on and on...  I also am really into tie dye right now.  So you will see those items popping up on this site here soon!   

Some of you who have know me for years, know I owned an organic grow shop for the past decade.  We unfortunately had to close the retail store in town, but it has given us the time to open a new chapter of love to offer our community right from our farm!  Stay tuned for classes and events to support home gardening and sustainablility!!   Seed and spore swaps for sure coming soon! 

A little tid bit about our CBD Line.  We have been caregivers under the MMMP Act in Michigan for more than 10 years.  We started offering CBD product choices to our patients as soon as they were available.  As laws changed, and industrial hemp became legal for use nation wide, our demand grew.  When Michigan launched an ag-pilot hemp program, and it only made sense for us to jump aboard!  So here we are!  Making these beautiful organic CBD infused products!   Peace, love, gratitude!! 


Sheila and John Hodgkinson


Michigan Wildflower