Chives 1 gram Packet
Chives 1 gram Packet

Chives 1 gram Packet

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Chives are hardy perennial with an onion like flavor.  Excited in soups, stew, omelets, or Sauces.  They are an excellent companion plant for your fruit trees, as they help deter pests like deer and rabbits.  

When to plant:  in the spring as soon as soil is soft enough to be worked.  Divide and plant every 2-3 years and replant in new are areas or share with friends and family!

How to plant:  In full sun, light shade tolerated.  Plant 1/4" deep. 1" apart ( thin to 4" apart). 12" between rows. Germinates in 10-15 days.  Maturity 80-90 days.

Harvest: We mature cut with scissors, leave at least 6" to regrow.  Harvest continually.


Companion planting: 

Plant with:

Fruit trees, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, roses, strawberries, lettuce, grapes, cucumbers, peas, peppers, potatoes, rhubarb.


Asparagus- All allium family plants will stunt the asparaguses growth.